PinoPinguino Sprint

Complete powdered product to make gelato with the classic flavor of PinoPinguino.

Free from hydrogenated vegetable fats or colorings, PinoPinguino Sprint is the solution you need to get both creamy and soft gelato in a few, simple steps, bringing to mind the most famous cream for gelato making.


• Mix the PinoPinguino and the milk together with a whisk or a hand

blender until you get an even mixture.

• Pour the mixture into the soft gelato machine.

• Serve immediately.


• Mix the PinoPinguino Sprint and the milk together with a whisk or

a hand blend to get an even mixture. Process in the batch freezer.

• Move the gelato right into the pan.

• Decorate as you please and place the pan in the display case.

PinoPinguino Sprint is also perfect for making delicious and refreshing granita (400g / L milk)!


Ingredients for artisan gelato:

PinoPinguino Sprint 1 bag (1,50 kg)

Milk 2,7 – 3 L

Ingredients for soft gelato:

PinoPinguino Sprint 1 bag

(1,50 kg)

Milk 2,7 – 3 L