PinoPinguino Gelato Pops

Used as is for soft fillings and inner layers, or as part of a recipe to create a crunchy outer layer, PinoPinguino is perfect for making original and delicious sticks and bonbons.


• Prepare the sticks (and/or bonbons) with home-made gelato or with the semifreddo base and place them in the blast chiller for around 30 minutes.

• Remove the sticks (and/or bonbons) from the molds and submerge them completely in the PinoPinguino as it is, then place them in the blast chiller again for around 20 minutes.

• Melt the PreGel Coriandoline® Stick (or the Gran Stracciatella Reale) in the microwave, add PinoPinguino and mix until you get an even mixture.

• Submerge the sticks in the coating and let any excess run off, then place them on display in the display freezer.

Try it with: PinoPinguino Classic, Almond, Bianco (white), Caramel, Hazelnut, Lemon, Nero (black), Orange, Pistachio!

Try all PinoPinguino products to create delicious and soft fillings for sticks and bonbons!


Ingredients for sticks and/or bonbons with a double layer:

Gelato or semifreddo made with Five Star Chef Pronto

Semifreddo or HappyTorte wmd

PinoPinguino 800 g

Coriandoline® Stick (or Gran Stracciatella Reale) PreGel 200g