PinoPinguino is now one of the most renowned ingredients in gelato parlors, having become more and more appreciated and sought-after by both children and adults. For this reason, PreGel has dedicated a whole range of items to PinoPinguino for the point of sale, so as to help you promote the flavors in your store and attract increasingly more customers.

Add some fun to your store with PinoPinguino communication materials. Catch your clients’ attention with funny figurines or double-sided window stickers for your shop-window, and dress your counter with counter displays, napkin holders, and cash trays. In addition, increase the brand visibility of PinoPinguino with dedicated flavor markers, serving spatulas, and branded paper cups.


Take PinoPinguino behind your counter with its exclusive line of clothing and trendy accessories. Baseball hats, comfy t-shirts and aprons are available in all sizes! Contact us to get your PinoPinguino uniform!