Layered Gelato

Thanks to a wide range of flavors, with PinoPinguino you can impress your customers by creating ever new flavor and texture combinations. Its versatility allows you to experiment and offer original gelato recipes with great taste.

PinoPinguino is also perfect to prepare layered gelato pans: its peculiar smooth texture – which remains soft even at negative temperatures – makes it perfect to envelop your gelato in a scrumptious twirl of flavor.


How to make it

1) Spread a first layer of gelato on the bottom of the pan, then level it with a clean spatula.

2) Pour a layer of PinoPinguino and place the pan in a blast chiller for a few minutes (alternatively, use a PinoPinguino palet previously made using the silicone mold).

3) Add a second layer of gelato and level again with a clean spatula, then place the pan in a blast chiller for a few minutes.

4) Finish the pan off, using PinoPinguino to decorate the top with the pattern of your choosing, then place again in the blast chiller for a few minutes.

5) Place the pan in the showcase.