The classic layered gelato is just one of many ways to offer PinoPinguino in your store. Thanks to its unrivalled creaminess, which remains unaltered even at negative temperatures, PinoPinguino is in fact the ideal product to create countless specialties.

Use it to prepare gorgeous, rich and creamy artisan gelato, delicious soft serve, or delectable drinks that are suitable throughout the year, including refreshing shakes for summer and tempting hot drinks for winter. Additionally, with PinoPinguino you can add an irresistible touch to your cold desserts and frozen treats choosing among two glaze recipes: a glossy one for a stunning look, or a satin one for an elegant, velvety effect.

Last but not least, impress your clients with original gelato pops coated with PinoPinguino, a creamy coating with a full and persistent flavor.

Layer Gelato