PinoPinguino products, the only limit is your creativity!

PreGel proudly offers ten irresistible flavors of a product that went down in history as a best-selling ingredient in record time. PinoPinguino is the revolutionary dessert accessory for gelato that, even at negative temperatures, remains soft and creamy enough to melt in your mouth, offering a pleasurable culinary experience.

PinoPinguino Artisan Gelato

Thanks to a wide range of PinoPinguino flavors, you can impress your customers by consistently creating new flavor and texture combinations. Its versatility allows you to experiment and offer original gelato recipes with enhanced taste.

PinoPinguino Shake and Drinks

With PinoPinguino you can realize delicious drink for all the seasons: refreshing shake for the summer and warm drinks for the winter.

PinoPinguino cakes and semifreddos

With PinoPinguino you can add an irresistible touch to your cold desserts and frozen treats choosing among two glaze recipes: a glossy one for a stunning look, or a satin one for an elegant, velvety effect.

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